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Worship IS 

Worship is a Response

Worship as revelation and response


At ANCC we believe that worship is a response to who God is and what God has done. Accordingly, the worship service is our response to God’s gift of communion (Ps 147:19-20). 


As a worshiping community, we speak to God through our prayers, both recited and sung, and God speaks to us through the reading and preaching of Scripture. In this dialogue of worship something sacred takes place, we encounter God’s presence.   


Worship is Multicultural

Worship is global


Worship is offered to one Lord, in one faith, & through one baptism by every nation, tribe, people & language. At ANCC we believe worship is univocal, but not monolithic.


Worship is Formational

We are formed in worship


What we sing as the gathered community forms and shapes our understanding of who God is and also who we are as His people. In the same way that natural food provides nourishment to our physical bodies, our sung confessions reach into the very depths of our prayer life, family life, and community life, cultivating a life of resilient faith. 


Worship is justice in action

The relationship between a life of worship and a life of justice is reciprocal. To live a life of worship is to walk in justice. To be a worshiper is to be a seeker of justice. At ANCC our sung confessions not only shape who we are and who we are becoming, but they also provide the impetus for our activity and pursuit of justice. 


Worship is Communal 

There are no solitary Christians


At ANCC solidarity, mutuality, and hospitality form the foundation of our worshiping community. A life formed in worship is always personal, but never private. As a worshiping community we acknowledge our dependence on God and one another as we seek to love Jesus, live like Jesus, and lead others to Jesus in worship.